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Our Mission Trips   

International Trips


In order to serve, encourage, and train our brethren internationally, Xponent will set-up and operate short-term trips to further accomplish our mission of developing and training faithful disciples, both from here in the US as well as internationally. 

As we develop our trips, we seek to help the American church to understand her role in the Great Commission as one not only as givers and senders, but as "goers" as well. By developing our trips according to the specific needs of the area in which we seek to minister, we give everyone on our US teams the opportunity to serve the less fortunate and least reached within their talent and spiritual gift set! What an exciting way to serve! 

We respond to "mission opportunities" in places where it is evident that God is at work and often it is near one of our Discipleship Centers! We seek to assist the national local church to put together a strategy to reach the least-reached near them through various means. At the same time, we also seek to instill in them a vision to also go to the ends of the earth and have a heart for the lost in the "uttermost parts of the earth". 

We seek to raise up a multitude of passionate international missionaries through our mission trips and our Discipleship Centers, highly trained to effectively reach and disciple the least-reached and forgotten for Christ, all for the glory of God! 


What to expect 

We train our national church planters and professional personnel.

We work with an established national church planting network to prepare local pastors and key leaders to launch a new church. We connect with all governmental leadership needed to ensure a smooth medical or veterinary clinic that will enhance our evangelistic efforts. Also, now with our Discipleship Centers in place, church leaders are being taught the Omega Course curriculum focusing on church planting among the least reached and forgotten.


We train our North American team members
We provide complete pre-trip as well as on-site training materials to ensure well-prepared and excited team members ready for evangelism, discipleship and service-both here and "over there". All relevant resources and materials are supplied by XPONENT. 

We will handle all trip logistics domestically as well as internationally
We really do provide a "turn key" trip so you don't have to worry about a thing! We facilitate and handle all the air and ground travel, lodging, food, logistical arrangements, materials and national trainings-so you can focus on serving! 

We give team members the opportunity to serve in their strengths/gifts sets
All North American team members can enjoy evangelism with their own translator, sharing their life and the gospel in the neighborhood or village for the new church plant. 

Some groups or individuals may do dramas, special music, etc. to communicate the gospel for the purpose of encouraging and helping to plant the new church. We really encourage you to use your talents, abilities, and gifts for God's glory! 

Evangelistic follow up is crucial to a viable church plant so team members go back to homes where people were led to Christ, and go through the first sessions of a 26-week discipleship program. Additional discipleship materials are available as needed. 

Group discipleship meetings or fellowships are held at the new church location each afternoon or evening of the trip with new believers attending and growing immediately! 

The names of all new believers are left with the pastor of the new church for further follow-up and discipleship. The progress of the new churches are monitored by XPONENT. 

We leave behind well trained and passionate missionaries

Our team members and national leaders are ignited with a new and refreshed perspective, passion and plan for reaching people for Christ and making disciples both there and here. The Discipleship Centers will graduate approximately 15 new church planters each term who will have had to plant at least one church or cell group during the term to graduate. 

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