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Our Discipleship Centers

Formation & Structure 

When we receive the "Macedonian call" from a pastor or pastors in a certain village, town, or city to help him with either planting churches or further discipling his congregation, we ask him to invite the evangelical pastors of the city together that we might show them how to work together to multiply their work/harvest force. The pastors of the churches in the city then work together to form a Discipleship Center(DC) organizing committee. This process leads to greater church, community, and spiritual unity! Once organized and ready to begin, we assist the committee to function properly through hands on training and will continue mentoring the DC coordinators through a successful term.

Each Discipleship Center will have:

  • Coordinator-trainer (all leaders are non-paid volunteers from local churches)

  • Deputy Coordinator

  • Finance Coordinator

  • Average of 12-15 students per term

  • Each student must plant at least one church or cell group during the term to graduate the course, thus,

  • Each Discipleship Center should produce an average of 12-15 churches or cell groups per term/year.

  • Each student comes prepared once a week for at least 8 hours of practical course work

  • Each student attends class for approx. 26 weeks or 6 months of classes

  • Each student pays for their own manuals, copies, etc each week which is sustainable!

  • Each student recruits a friend to take their place during the next term-also sustainable.



In order to develop these incredible church planters in the Discipleship Centers, we must have a great curriculum! From many years of collective ministry training, service and experience, together with the Omega Course as a model, we have put together a curriculum that covers all of the topics below and more. 

Curriculum Contents

  • Vision

  • Discipleship

  • Family

  • Character

  • Evangelism

  • Spiritual Warfare

  • Leadership

  • Stewardship

  • Bible Study Methods

  • The Church

  • Cell Groups

  • Preaching

  • Prayer


Practical, easy to follow, and easily reproducible on a grass roots level are what make Xponent Ministries Discipleship Centers a powerful and viable tool as we seek to be obedient to Christ's command to "Go and make disciples of all the nations!"

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